Monday, December 23, 2013

horror haute december edition

Hello girls,

HORROR HAUTE is on with some goodies for you dark your xmas, worn is this post sweater, pumps and earrings. How it´s xmas designs put out some freebies for us, I´m wearing Song eyes and this Nuuna eye´s make-up. I´m also showing some FROST itens such as this black lipstick from Pink Acid made for Loud Mouth as applier, Insanya leather skirt and ADONESS punk hair, in a way kind of remind me Lisbeth´s hair. Enjoy my punkish lotd!

hair Adoness toxaris: pitch black for FROST *NEW*
eyes S0ng Xy~ Pitch Eye > dollarbie 1l
skin Laq Ebba - [Ivory] - 01

mouth Loud Mouth Alli 
hand Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -

eye make-up Nuuna Yule Red > freebie
lipstick Pink Acid Loud - Dolly Dolly V3 - Witch Doctor  for FROST 

sweater Aftershock OoZoo sweater for HORROR HAUTE
skirt Insanya Erika Skirt - Black for FROST 
tights Erratic / ripped stockings / black
pumps The Little Bat Muertos Heels for HORROR HAUTE

earrings Collisions Reckoner Earring for HORROR HAUTE
collar Red Mint Posture V-Collar ~ No.01 


xoxo Druuna

Many thanks to Cruella & Moni <3