Sunday, April 21, 2013

fantasy faire 2013

Hello girls,

The 5th annual FANTASY FAIRE is opened, and event started april 20th and will go on until april 28th. It´s a RELAY FOR LIFE event meaning some itens are made exclusively for donation, or if you prefer you can make your online donation. More info about FF2013 can be found here.


sales @ truth & pxl

Hello ladies,

I have good news for you, this weekend we gonna have two amazing sales: TRUTH & PXL. Check it out!!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

being and nothingness

Hello girls,

First of all I would like to thank you, because my blog reached the 100th follower (well it was a couple days ago, but you all know how am I) and I´m very pleased because it´s all about hard work. This last viewer update is killing with crashes and all but I´ll survive. Today is my rezz day and is pretty obvious if i was carrying a cake and being all festive, but I´ve choose don´t do it.
I really love fashion and that´s why I became a blogger, and one style for me is such a boring thing, so I play with a lot of styles according my mood. I never know what motivates to creat a look but then it comes to me loool. I´m talkative today. Anyway I´ve decided about a black look kinda of rocker thing going on.

My albino rocker girl was at Cosmetic Fair and picked up this awesome eye make up from LA MALVADA MUJER, you cand find others but this one screamed black swan for me.
My clothes was select from one theme only: blackness with pink sprinkles (thats is my another favorite color), this top from THE SUGAR GARDEN made for Boobies is really nice and I paired with this cool skirt from HAUS OF BOOBAH. And this LOULOU&CO ankle boots has an amazing hud to play with and change color/patterns. Accessories  are keychain from GIZZA (I used before and looove it) and itens from SL FASHION WEEK such as headphones and this cuute bag. I hope you like my look. Enjoy it!