Sunday, September 30, 2012

bohemia station

hair >TRUTH< Stevie w/Roots - snow *recent* tysm truth <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Eggplant 
skin & shape ::[annaA]:: "Aluka obedience" @ SYS Project tysm annaa <3

tattoo Your cocain :: Egipt upper big - V.1 @ Marketplace *NEW* tysm shiana <3

sweater ::C'est la vie !:: Dip hem Tshirt dress (feather pink) mesh *recent* tysm larcoco <3
pants *BOOM* Miami Linens (Cobalt) tysm aranel <3
shoes [monso] My Leather Oxford tysm morphine <3

hat :::C’est la vie!:: classic hat (Bow dot teal) mesh > freebie @ BEGINNER´S LUCK
bag Auxiliary. My oversized Leather Tote - W-L - Set 1 A > past faMESHed n/a

xoxo Druuna <3

Saturday, September 29, 2012

cosmic girl

Hello girls,

I´m bringing awesome news to you, two releases that i, as a fan of not usual things, felt in love. 

First those CHUS horns, aren´t they amazing? I really dig horns and those are so cuuute and as you may know i love cuteness. yay. Those horns comes in two packs: plain and gradient and of course Chus made a freebie (Candy Chu) for you guys, so go grab it.

Then this cuuute skin from PXL, i wanted a cute white pinkish thing and thats was missing when i put this look together. So there are 8 exclusives skins from gacha machine, wich two of them are rares and all based on gaia skin. Each play will be only 99l and of course thansfer so you can exchange with your pals. Just a side note to say i love gachas but never lucky to get what i want lool. Ohh and this time males wasn´t forgotten, there is a gacha for them as well. I hope you like, enjoy.

hair [e] Studio - White 05
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Rose
skin [PXL] GAIA China Doll > gacha tysm hart <3
teeth [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6
horns Chus! Galaxia Horns - Chibi Chibi - *NEW* tysm chus <3

polish ROZENA ~Simple Nail Polish (pastel)~ bubble pink 1 > freebie

outfit Violent Seduction Astron (Love)

xoxo Druuna <3

Friday, September 28, 2012

where everything you need

hair >TRUTH< Guinevere - carrot *recent* tysm truth <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Verdigris
skin *Cupcakes - DOLL - Milk Starlet 3 FRECKLE tysm rosemary <3
feet Slink Mesh Feet (Rigged)

sweater ~*RunoRuno*~ Scruffy Sweater *NEW* tysm jojo <3
skirt [ SAKIDE ] Nuance Folded Skirt White *NEW* tysm kinu <3

gazebo & furniture Prism Furniture Harvest Moon Gazebo *NEW* tysm lilly <3

xoxo Druuna <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

not fair enough

hair [CheerNo] Meshair Carmem Blonds 9.1 for FAIR
skin LAQ Mima 01 [Pale] Glow skin

dress Indyra Originals The Witching Hour for FAIR
pumps EUPHORiUM XTiAN LOUBOU LADY DAF - NUDE - *recent* tysm eilfie <3

sunglasses Maitreya Mesh Jackie O Sunglasses

pose/shopping bags Di's Opera Almost 6pm for FAIR

tp to FAIR

xoxo Druuna <3


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hello world i´m your wild girl

Hello cheries,

Here i am again, and starting to say that this PERFECT WARDROBE session can be cooler? Because theme is i love rock and roll and i´m a rocker.
I know all you´ll remember Joan Jett, but before her solo career, she had a band called Runaways. They made a movie about it and is so good. I love music and movies and when happens this combo is way better, and scene that Dakota is singing Lady grinning soul is epic. 
I always wanted to have a band but i didn´t know play any instruments, so of course i´d be the singer lool. So here´s my look inspired by lovely Cherie Currie, enjoy ladies.

"I'll give ya something to live for
Have ya, grab ya til your sore"

hair /Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair - Rye tysm missallsunday <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Arabian Blue
skin [Atomic] Grace Skin (DB)_Buff - CherryBomb > past TDR exclusive item n/a

top & bra [ SAKIDE ] Rock Me Out (part of outfit) for PW
panties *!t :: Circus Jerk black  @ Marketplace
socks :: alterego :: punkd - fishnets (part of outfit) for PW
boots <TheAbyss> Boots//Stompers [Black]

pose MotionLess Rock God for PW

xoxo Druuna <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

back to school

left look

hair /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair - Rye for FAIR tysm missallsunday <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Steel Blue
skin *MY UGLYDOROTHY Joo04 (Salmon) *NEW* tysm sopha <3

outfit [monso] My School Look - Blazer *NEW* tysm morphine <3
socks Kyoot Soft Resolution Knee Socks (White)
shoes *katat0nik* (candy fatpack) Wingtip Mary Jane *NEW* tysm kat <3

headband [MAGIC NOOK] Snow Baby Headband
bag *Edelweiss* School Bag (Classic) - brown

right look

hair >TRUTH< Winona w/Roots - fudge *recent* tysm truth <3
eyes .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue-Green
skin [PF] Elly <Chai> - Broken Hearts Bleed (dkbrow)

outfit .::Kre-ations::. -Kaiko School- Female Uniform *NEW* tysm kreao <3
socks *Edelweiss* School-Line Socks - white
shoes *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -coral-

headband ::LC:: Hello Kitty Headband [pink]
backpack DanChu. AnimalBackPack_mouse_ ver1 @ Marketplace

xoxo Druuna <3


around the world

Hello girls,

THE EGO CO brings you another event and this time is wide world, literally speaking

"It is very loosely spoken in Second Life that many cultures mingle and meld, come together to share experiences and lifestyles in a virtual world. Like early America, a second “Melting Pot” has been boiling beneath the revolution of mesh and the ever increasing value of the Linden Dollar. Lips spread in languages we can now identify from an online game, words are recognized in typefaces we can point out from standing in the same spaces. Banners are no longer spatters of reds and blacks, grays and greens; but flags flown proudly that do not make us anything but equal men and women here on the grid. Anyone can easily say, Linden Labs has knitted hundreds of thousands of different people into the same quilt; and The Ego Co. wishes to immerse designers into that mindset."

So designers have gathered and will choose a region of the world, then creat an item based in that region captivating this culture. The regions will be North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Minor and Major & Australia/New Zealand. More info can be found at site.

  • Designers - Application for this Event
  • Sponsors - Application for this Event
  • Bloggers - To apply to The Ego Co

Hope you join us in this journey, keep walking.

xoxo Druuna <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

personal jesus

Hello girls,

Here i am again to bringing you the best news from the grid, well it´s almost the end of them month anf it´s time to another HORROR HAUTE round, i´m wearing two itens from event and i know you´ll love it.

First this awesome eyes from DEAD APPLES, comes in regular and mesh eyes in a total of 9 colors. Then Aydan never disappoint me, i always love your work and this HOD piercings are amazing. Comes in 3 colors (razor, slide and silver lining), and a tattoo infection layer to complete your look and the best thing of all: it´s costs only 50l. 
So run and grab this before Oct 1st until 12 am, because is when event ends. 

Don´t forget going to THE ARCADE and get some GLAM AFFAIR skins, this one is i like most and totally goes with my horrormoodlook. There are 10 skins to you collect, so play some gacha and exchange with your friends. I hope you like my lotd, enjoy.

hair [BURLEY] Ana_Black
eyes {D.A} Sinistre Eyes Madness for HORROR HAUTE
skin -Glam Affair- Roza - The Arcade Gacha Events 07 for The Arcade tysm aida <3   
feet Slink Exotix Jolie Pied Flat

piercing - .HoD. - End Of The Night Female - Razor for HORROR HAUTE tysm aydan <3   

silk * Deviance * Demon's Mistress (black & white)

crown Hat Mechanic Thorns > Crown of Thorns - headpiece (lighter) > store closed

pose LH MERCILESS_CROSS > store closed

xoxo Druuna <3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

all the pictures have all been washed in black

hair >TRUTH< Rory w/Roots - marmalade *recent* tysm truth <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Hazel
skin al vulo Livia * natural 2 dark brow claveage sunkissed *not released yet* tysm hlin <3 

nails Izzie's 80's Round Nails

shirt ::DirtyMind:: Loose Leather Tank Top @ Marketplace
pants *League* Zipped Leather Pants -Faded Black
shoes EUPHORiUM XTiAN LOUBOU LADY DAF - BLACK - *recent* tysm eilfie <3

earrings LaGyo Spots and wire earring Lava for The Arcade tysm gyorgyna <3

headband [Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Spikes) - Black RARE for The Arcade 
collar PIDIDDLE Decor Collar - Snow Leopard for The Arcade tysm brutus <3
clutch -Glam Affair- Studded Clutch in Noire for The Dressing Room tysm aida <3

xoxo Druuna <3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

fair opens today

Hello shoppaholics,

I have big news for you, a new event is starting today and: FAIR and it´s brought to you by CHIC MANAGEMENT, you know another CHIC´s events such as VINTAGE FAIR and CULTURE SHOCK. This is a monthly event, and every month will have a theme. 

CHIC is re-introducing the fair pricing policy, where designers were asked not to reduce your price products but put a fair price for them, awesome isn´t it? Only the hottest brands will be there bringing you quality itens. More info at CHIC´s site.

Itens from this FAIR was really what my weekend is, a long bath and tv and then bed, loool more perfect impossible. I hope you like and a lil reminder that events opens 4 pm slt. Enjoy.

hair !lamb. Isolation - Honeycomb Roots
eyes jm:mai babydoll eye blue
skin ROZENA ~Ai (peach v2) ~ baby gloss pink for FAIR

knee blood ';:**:;' Sticky Kiss';:**:;'  Bloody Knee Light (with bandaid) > store closed

slip & panties :Paper.Doll: Cotton Slip Set: Pink for FAIR
socks =Zenith= Foot Wear*Cute Socks for FAIR

bathtub HISpose bath-time for FAIR
tv :CP: Earnst TV for FAIR

tp to FAIR* (landmark will be posted at 4pm slt) 

xoxo Druuna <3


Friday, September 21, 2012

day and night

Hello ladies,

Today is the last day for you to grab prizes from SUMMER HARVEST HUNT, i put two looks for you. I hope you like, enjoy.

day look

hair [CheerNo] Meshair Lotus Dark 3.1 > group gift
nails Izzie's 80's Round Nails 

sweater ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Ladies Loose Sweater for SUMMER HARVEST HUNT  
pants [AB] automn pants for SUMMER HARVEST HUNT  

ring ::SWEET LEONARD: Autumn-Whispering Ring for SUMMER HARVEST HUNT 

scarf .:* LOULOU&CO *:. Scarf :: KALIFRAGILISTIK :: Forest
bag R.icielli THE MESSENGER bag /thecommander

night look

hair booN GFR834 hair black

dress :[P]:- Achillea- //Harvest for SUMMER HARVEST HUNT  
boots [whatever] friday - beige for Fi*Fridays *NEW* tysm anna <3 

veil LaGyo BonTon veil Black for c88 tysm gyorgyna <3
clutch (epoque.s) Illusion Clutch - Studded Black
gloves [celoe] mery.gloves.mine.

both looks

eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Steel Blue
skin al vulo julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed > group gift 

pose Bounce This Poses Girl Pack 1 *NEW* tysm bouncer <3 

xoxo Druuna <3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i feel good

hair >TRUTH< Skai w/Roots - honey *NEW* tysm truth <3
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Verdigris
skin [PF] Kumi <Hazel> - Pure (dkbrow) *NEW*
shape ::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Amaunet" *NEW* tysm annaa <3
nails Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long v1.1

tattoo Your cocain :: Mickey Dark - V.2 @ Marketplace *NEW* tysm shiana <3
face piercing ivy. Piercing Sheena *NEW* tysm ary <3
belly piercing <-Puncture-> Dermal Studs -Arrow- (Belly) Basics

bra & panties :OW: "Candy Rainbow" *NEW*
socks ** Garter Nylons Long Torn Black
pumps [whatever] high heel - pink - [beige sole] tysm anna <3

necklace [Fairy Tail] Chained Leather Silver tysm rie <3

pose Bounce This Poses Girl Pack *NEW* tysm bouncer <3

xoxo Druuna <3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry

I live in bottom of equator line, where winter has left us and spring is almost sprung. 
A walk in the park is more pleasant when we see a lot of colors and flowers so you have some fun. 
Let me invite you for a walk in a magical place where splendor in the grass can be achieved in grace
Be careful i ask, when you leave this space, because here you can find comfort and beauty than another place.
Mon Tissu more than clothes, a way of living.

hair !lamb. Gemini (Mesh) - Milkshake
eyes .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue
skin -tb- {Light} C88 Glossed Skin - Light Brows 
freckles -tb- Freckles (comes with skin)

nails Leverocci Round Nails_1FA_NudeManicure

dress {mon tissu} Frock Dress ~ Ombre
cardigan (TokiD) summer nights cardigan (hearts)
socks Kyoot Soft Resolution Knee Socks (White)
wedges {mon tissu} Openwork Wedges ~ White

necklace LaGyo Alice necklace tysm gyorgyna <3

bag {mon tissu} Sophmore Satchel / Down Strap ~ Floral

pose (marukin) 

xoxo Druuna <3

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

le cabaret

Hello girls,

Here´s another round for PERFECT WARDROBE and this round´s theme is burlesque. Yeah go sisters, and of course my inspiration was Lady Marmalade, and i´m always so classic that tune i choosed was the original one. So run to grab those fab outfits shown here. Hope you like my look, enjoy.

left look

hair [e] Thrive - White 05 > sale 70% off until oct 1st
skin Glam Affair - Lilith - Africa - Clean D *NEW* tysm aida <3

tattoo .:: Delusions ::. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi FRESH for PW 

outfit [ SAKIDE ] Voulez-vous Outfit Black for PW  tysm kinu <3
pumps [LeLutka] Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

collar .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Choker :: CREPUSCULE :: V.2

right look

hair [LeLutka] LIVELY hair S - PralineFade *NEW*
skin Glam Affair - Lilith - Artic - Clean D *NEW* tysm aida <3

tattoo (flaunt) Fleur de l'amour Tattoo (Color - Fresh) for PW 

outfit *Epic* Dark Burlesque Outfit for PW

both looks

eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Eggplant
top hat, cane & pose :: Focus Poses Burlesque Cane 2 :: for PW

xoxo Druuna <3

Monday, September 17, 2012

conte d'automne

hair Eaters Coma HAIR 04 / Dark Mocha
eyes IKON Utopia Eyes - Hazel
skin  *MY UGLYDOROTHY Pet03 (Cooper) *NEW* tysm sopha <3

pull [ SAKIDE ] Irish Dropshoulder Pull Chocolate for The Autumm Effect tysm kinu <3
pants 22769 ~ [homme] Silk Flare Pants autumn ombre for The Autumm Effect
wedges Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal

bag .:* LOULOU&CO *:. Bag :: TWEEDY :: for The Autumm Effect

xoxo Druuna <3

Sunday, September 16, 2012

the autumn effect has arrive

Hello girls,

Autumm is almost around the corner and i can tell i really love this color palette redishbrownorange. Anyway another DEPRAVED NATION great grid wide hunt called THE AUTUMM EFFECT started yesterday and will run until October 15. Prizes are great and i hope you enjoy my look, also you can find hints at site. Enjoy.

hair >TRUTH< Briony w/Roots - copper *NEW* tysm truth <3
eyes Adoness - Nemorosus Eyes - Teal Oak for The Autumm Effect
skin :::shiva::: TAE-huntskin for The Autumm Effect
nails Izzie's 80's Round Nails

shirt :::insanya::: Unisex Vest for The Autumm Effect
jacket :: alterego :: fearless - female - for The Autumm Effect
skirt =Razorblade Jacket= Nylon Cotton Tutu /// Orange for The Autumm Effect
socks WWI Army Girl Garters Walnut v2 @ Marketplace

bag .::PiCHi::. Doctor Satchel Bag [leopard print] for The Autumm Effect 

xoxo Druuna <3

Saturday, September 15, 2012

last day for fota hunt

Hello girls,

You have to hurry because FAIREST OF THEM ALL HUNT ends today, and you dont´wanna loose this opportunity to grab this goodies. Hope you like my look, enjoy. It´s always good remind that each item costs 5l and hints can be found here.

hair (r)M Hair(Mesh) No.06 ~ Wine Red *NEW* tysm moni <3
eyes [LeLutka] Ellis-Cloud
skin LAQ Ebba - [Ivory] - 01
nails Izzie's 80's Round Nails

lipstick PIDIDDLE - HyperLip - Cosmo/Teeth *NEW*
tysm brutus <3

shirt [AB] MESH Bad Wtich Top for FOTA Hunt 
leggings Le Poppycock *Leggings* Briar Rose (Gift 2/2) for FOTA Hunt 
boots KAO suede fringe boots /ash/

necklace LaGyo Ginkgo necklace > past Limited Bazaar *NEW* tysm gyorgyna <3

sunglasses h.m.a.e.m. glasses - fairy tales for FOTA Hunt 
bag *VOONER* MARTI BAG_vegetable > gacha

xoxo Druuna <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

right place, wrong time

hair [ 69 ] ME - Light Mocha
eyes .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue-Green
skin [PF] Kumi <Milk> - Amethyst (freck) > past event item n/a

dress ::{u.f.o}:: you and me -cream- (bird collar)- for c88  
socks Kyoot Timeless Kneesocks (Purple/White) for c88  
shoes ANEXX ClassicCreepers_Black

watches *katat0nik* Nada Watch #4 (candy yellow) & #6 (candy sky) for The Arcade (gatcha event starting tomorrow) tysm kat <3

beret tram cat beret [UNRIGGED MESH][texchanger]- fur*A
bag (TokiD) attic boho bag (fall red) > past TDRB

xoxo Druuna <3


Thursday, September 13, 2012

i can´t resist

hair "+SD Lo*momo+" Ajuga_A (LightBrown)
eyes .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue
skin *JeSyLiLO* :::Nana:::*LightSkin*J3 *NEW* tysm lilo <3

ivy. Piercing Chai for XYRoom tysm ary <3

[Foppish] Fringe TShirt-{Girl-A}- *recent* tysm foppish <3
pants (TokiD) Reve trousers (beige) tysm maya <3
shoes *GF* [Mesh] Deck Shoes -pink- *NEW* 

bow LaGyo A girl's bow for c88 tysm gyorgyna <3
bag [AUX] Tiny Tote - Doll for c88

xoxo Druuna <3