Saturday, March 30, 2013

welcome to my world

Hello ladies,

Let´s starting my post talking about being nice, because its nearly impossible find this here at sl, well at least for me, i never leave my sky and i confess that i´m a lil bit scary talking with designers and other bloggers. I dont like to bother people, i just talk with people when i really need to. I keep reading about stalkers  all over sl, and let me tell you this isnt fun, myself got a taste of this and isn´t pretty, i always act like crazy. I love my sponsors thats why i blog for them, but there is one in special thats too cute to be true. She´s always comment my pics with such cute words, making me feel really good and early this month she gave me a present. A box full of arcade itens, i thought omg she doesnt exist, i really thought it was nice of her, care so much. So thank you Kat, you´re a doll. <33

Having saying this, oh my i wrote a lot loool. Let´s check my look thta i put together wearing arcade itens and some realeases like this cute hair from VANITY HAIR wich i adore because i love cute short hairs, and my soft skin from ANNAA and comes with several lipsticks.

Cute accessories to go on with my look such as LAGYO bag and MONSO flats, plus Cookie this cuuute cockatoo. I hope you like my look, enjoy.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

pink it was love at first sight


neo urban warrior

Hello girls,

Yesterday i had an amazing surprise, Gabe made a post and he put me, among others amazing bloggers, on his list he´d homoflexible for, damm this was amazing. So im here making this post to thank him for made me smile.

Like always when i create a look, it´s always go around an object or else,i wanted to make a neo urban warrior, and the GLAM AFFAIR headpiece was what motivate me, i add some face paint to this gorgeous face from BELLEZA available in this make only at WHORE COUTURE FAIR, and this cute TRUTH hair to enlight my feminine look.

SL FASHION WEEK has a new round each friday, i tried post yesterday but i couldn´t take pics how i wanted, anyway i don´t know if i said this but i have a thing for spikes and this boots from WHATEVER is so cool. And pleeease what are those shoulder pads from GIZZA? It feels like Tina Turner´s thunderdome chic thing. I hope you like this look as much i did doing it, enjoy.


Friday, March 1, 2013

young adult

Hello ladies,

Finally WHORE COUTURE FAIR has began and most itens shown here in this post are from fair. I wanted a look casual because for friday is the day that i know i´m free from my obligations and i think i achieved.  Each creator has made at least 2 exclusive itens for fair and please wear a full alpha body for fighting lag.

Well WASABI PILLS always make wonderful hair, i loved this side pony tail wich i paired with a BELLEZA skin, is worthy remembering that those make-ups are exclusives.
As i said before i wanted a layback outfit, so i started with CYNFUL shirt & vest (can be worn with appliers too) and SHUSH pants. Shoes i´m wearing are from WHATEVER and can be found at SL Fashion Week, PURE POISON bag and OLIVE necklace to finish my look, i hope you liked, enjoy.