Saturday, September 22, 2012

fair opens today

Hello shoppaholics,

I have big news for you, a new event is starting today and: FAIR and it´s brought to you by CHIC MANAGEMENT, you know another CHIC´s events such as VINTAGE FAIR and CULTURE SHOCK. This is a monthly event, and every month will have a theme. 

CHIC is re-introducing the fair pricing policy, where designers were asked not to reduce your price products but put a fair price for them, awesome isn´t it? Only the hottest brands will be there bringing you quality itens. More info at CHIC´s site.

Itens from this FAIR was really what my weekend is, a long bath and tv and then bed, loool more perfect impossible. I hope you like and a lil reminder that events opens 4 pm slt. Enjoy.

hair !lamb. Isolation - Honeycomb Roots
eyes jm:mai babydoll eye blue
skin ROZENA ~Ai (peach v2) ~ baby gloss pink for FAIR

knee blood ';:**:;' Sticky Kiss';:**:;'  Bloody Knee Light (with bandaid) > store closed

slip & panties :Paper.Doll: Cotton Slip Set: Pink for FAIR
socks =Zenith= Foot Wear*Cute Socks for FAIR

bathtub HISpose bath-time for FAIR
tv :CP: Earnst TV for FAIR

tp to FAIR* (landmark will be posted at 4pm slt) 

xoxo Druuna <3