Saturday, September 29, 2012

cosmic girl

Hello girls,

I´m bringing awesome news to you, two releases that i, as a fan of not usual things, felt in love. 

First those CHUS horns, aren´t they amazing? I really dig horns and those are so cuuute and as you may know i love cuteness. yay. Those horns comes in two packs: plain and gradient and of course Chus made a freebie (Candy Chu) for you guys, so go grab it.

Then this cuuute skin from PXL, i wanted a cute white pinkish thing and thats was missing when i put this look together. So there are 8 exclusives skins from gacha machine, wich two of them are rares and all based on gaia skin. Each play will be only 99l and of course thansfer so you can exchange with your pals. Just a side note to say i love gachas but never lucky to get what i want lool. Ohh and this time males wasn´t forgotten, there is a gacha for them as well. I hope you like, enjoy.

hair [e] Studio - White 05
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Rose
skin [PXL] GAIA China Doll > gacha tysm hart <3
teeth [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6
horns Chus! Galaxia Horns - Chibi Chibi - *NEW* tysm chus <3

polish ROZENA ~Simple Nail Polish (pastel)~ bubble pink 1 > freebie

outfit Violent Seduction Astron (Love)

xoxo Druuna <3