Tuesday, September 25, 2012

around the world

Hello girls,

THE EGO CO brings you another event and this time is wide world, literally speaking

"It is very loosely spoken in Second Life that many cultures mingle and meld, come together to share experiences and lifestyles in a virtual world. Like early America, a second “Melting Pot” has been boiling beneath the revolution of mesh and the ever increasing value of the Linden Dollar. Lips spread in languages we can now identify from an online game, words are recognized in typefaces we can point out from standing in the same spaces. Banners are no longer spatters of reds and blacks, grays and greens; but flags flown proudly that do not make us anything but equal men and women here on the grid. Anyone can easily say, Linden Labs has knitted hundreds of thousands of different people into the same quilt; and The Ego Co. wishes to immerse designers into that mindset."

So designers have gathered and will choose a region of the world, then creat an item based in that region captivating this culture. The regions will be North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Minor and Major & Australia/New Zealand. More info can be found at site.

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Hope you join us in this journey, keep walking.

xoxo Druuna <3