Thursday, August 16, 2012

sunshine through the rain

Hello girls,

There is and old japanese legend that says when rain is falling and sun is shining: kitsunes get married

There are two things that i love to do besides being at second life: read and watch movies. Yesterday it was my birthday´s son and it was a long day for me and i needed relax a lil bit. After he slept i watched Akira Kurosawa´s Dreams, has been a while since i saw this movie and it´s so surreal and poetic.

Inspired by movie i made my look, from VINTAGE FAIR this cheerfull kimono from TOMOTO plus my mask that i got from HORROR NIGHT from NAMINOKE. Simple and perfec. Enjoy.

hair >TRUTH< Elsa w/Roots - snow *NEW* tysm truth <3

kimono tomoto, vintage fruit orange for VINTAGE FAIR

mask *N* KITSUNE MEN 7 > gacha for HORROR NIGHT

xoxo Druuna <3