Saturday, August 25, 2012

i dream of druuna

Hello lovely ladies,

Here i am again, since i saw this outfit from SAKIDE i always remembered about my favourite sitcom when i was a lil kid, I Dream Of Jennie was the best ever. Soooo PINK RIBBON FAIR is ending today, and you have to run, because will close at 12am. Hope you liked, Enjoy.

hair [Shag] - Your Wish - bombshell @ Marketplace
eyes IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Arabian Blue
skin (love) Emilia - T2 Pink Ribbon 2 for PRF

outfit [ SAKIDE ] Linen Harem Pink Outfits for PRF tysm kinu <3
shoes Zaara Ilaida Mojri *lime* 

veil {AS} Colorchange Veil /1veil color (part of FW Basic Modesty Outfit)

snake Zooby Dark Brown Snake Female

xoxo Druuna <3