Saturday, August 31, 2013

obsessive thoughts

Hey girls,

I hope your weeked is being good so far, Kinu sent this SAKIDE dress she made for The 24 Event, first i thought in a bridal thing, but knowing me as I do I wanted a lil twisted thing and imagine a bride that didnt consume her marrige, and i remember about Dolls, it´s a lovely movie and so worthy to see it. Plus I am in love about Yong Sung Heo and his paints are awesome, I tried emulate a skin but this was closer I got. I hope you like my look, enjoy! Just a ps events ends today, so run to get this beautifull dress.

hair TRUTH HAIR Candy - Black&Whites01 tysm truth <3
eyes {D.A} Shattered - Blind tysm soleil <3
skin  .tsg. Lillith in Alabaster
freckles -tb- Freckles (part of skin)

teeth [PXL] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 
nails  La Malvada Mujer Claws silver > old gift but available in other colors

horns [ni.Ju] Portmanteau . white

dress [ SAKIDE ] Obsession Gown for The 24 Event *NEW* tysm kinu

prop aDORKable Poses: My Padded Room @ Marketplace

xoxo Druuna <3

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