Sunday, April 21, 2013

fantasy faire 2013

Hello girls,

The 5th annual FANTASY FAIRE is opened, and event started april 20th and will go on until april 28th. It´s a RELAY FOR LIFE event meaning some itens are made exclusively for donation, or if you prefer you can make your online donation. More info about FF2013 can be found here.

Well I´ve decided making a warrior look, and I got inspired while I was watching Game of Thrones and I thought about Khaleesi´s look, this is my attempt of doing it.

I´ve started with this braided WASABI PILLS white hair and to change things a lil bit I added elf ears and nice CHUS fantasy eyes. This skin I´m using is a mermaid one, scaled and all but I think is pretty good in this context.

My armor is from PLASTIK: can I say amazing? Has 20 colors and comes with anklets, armbands, 3 flexi prim skirts (hud with texture change), chest & hips pieces (rigged in 5 standarts sizes). And you can also change armor gem colors, I hope you like my look, enjoy! 

hair /Wasabi Pills/ Selene Mesh Hair - Powder for FANTASY FAIRE @ Magnificat *NEW* tysm missallsunday <3
eyes Chus! Cult Lens in Ghost *NEW* tysm chus <3
skin :[P]:-Arkasia {Mola}://Bare for FANTASY FAIRE @ Eversong Woods *NEW* tysm aikea
ears :[P]:- Draziira Ear :// Plain (part of Draziira Skins)
feet Slink Mesh Feet (Rigged)

armor :[P]:- Vandariel :// Golden for FANTASY FAIRE @ Eversong Woods *NEW* tysm aikea <3

pose Olive Juice Huntress 5 > past epoch item n/a

xoxo Druuna <3