Saturday, October 6, 2012

nowhere to run

Hello girls,

Heres´s another weekend so we can spend all our lindens lool, my posts inspiration comes most from music and movies that i´ve seen or heard, well here´s one movies that everytime i saw i feel thrilled about it, who never saw The Warriors, ohh gosh, another classic from 70´s and best part is when they´re running and Lynne Thigpen put a song from them..."Be looking good warriors....reaaal good". 

Starting my warrior look, i´m wearing top from WHIPPED CREAM and this set comes with one color: black but with different symbols.

And PXL strikes again with another amazing gacha, for you girls enjoy early halloween. Well they are eight skins, two of them are rares (i´m using one of them), and based on kate skin and her luscious lips. As the first time price still be 99l, styles goes from sweet to spooky. Hope you like it, enjoy.

hair /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair > past Fantasy Faire gift n/a in this color
eyes {D.A} Sinistre Eyes Bloodlust
skin [PXL] KATE SKULL (Halloween gacha) (RARE) tysm hart <3

top !WC! Tranquil Top Ankh Black *NEW* tysm belladonna <3
socks \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ Seamed Stockings Pack @ Marketplace
boots [Gos] Triumph Boots - Worn -

earrings bellballs essentials Chained Crucifix Earring: Black > store is closed
knuckles EA! Brass Knuckles ~Mesh~ Brass 

tapped fist SiniStyle Taped Fist & Black Nails (Loose Hand - Forearm)

bat TonkTastic Spiked Baseball Bat

xoxo Druuna <3