Thursday, December 8, 2011

deer prudence

hello guys,

first of all i would like to say i´m sorry for not posting lately, you know when things happens @ rl, it does everyhting at same time: mom got sick, my kid is at vacation, i am finishing my semester at college and i´m having conexion problems. yeah, i guess that´s all, i must take a deep DEEP breath for don´t get crazy atm. so designers please have some patience, because my time online shrunk and i really need take care of my rl. i hope things get better for me until the end of month. i won´t stop blogging, just make things slower than usual. tysm for understanding. <3 all.

hair [kik] freebie > mesh
skin [the Skinnery] for League of Christmas Fair
shape ::[annaA]:: hilary *NEW*

antlers [Viita] @ Marketplace freebie

dress .::YoPulga::. winter dress *NEW*
shoes *Crazy* vanity sandals *NEW*

xoxo Druuna